Home Solar Battery System Installation Guide

Step 1: Upon receiving our product, open the wooden box. inside contains our home solar battery system products, One box contains the battery, while the other contains the inverter and the wheeled tray of the all-in-one machine. The wheel of the tray can be adjusted in height by rotating the red part of the wheel.


Step 2:Place the chassis with wheels on the bottom layer, and then position the battery pack on the second layer. Note that during installation. There is a long card hole in the middle of each layer. Align the hole positions with the corresponding protruding clips, stack them up, and then secure them with screws. In this way, the foundation of the Home Solar Battery System is completed


home solar battery system


Step 3: Put the inverter on the top layer, and pay attention to the position of the card hole during installation. Lock the screws to secure it in place. Once the entire all-in-one machine is stacked, connect the red and black wires from the inverter to their respective positive and negative terminals, gently securing them. At this point, the battery and the inverter are assembled.


Step 4: Home solar battery system panel installation Connect the solar panels by linking the negative pole of the first solar panel to the positive pole of the second panel. then connect the negative pole of the second solar panel to the positive pole of the third panel, and connect the negative pole of the third solar panel to the positive pole of the fourth panel. This arrangement creates a series of connections among the four solar panels. Proceed to extract the total positive and negative wires with Anderson terminals, which are marked for their positive and negative poles, Locate the total neaative wire and connect it to the negative wire of the fourth solar panel, find the total positive wire and connect it to the positive terminal of the first solar panel, This will complete the series connection of our solar panels, ready to be linked to the inverter.

home solar battery system

Step 5: Next, connect the solar panels of the home solar battery system to the inverter Attach the solar panel cable with the Anderson port to the corresponding PY port on the inverter. Remember that red is the positive pole. while black is the negative pole Then, interconnect the two ports


Step 6: Finally, power on the system. Press the round metal power button on the battery for approximately 3 seconds. Once powered on, the green light on the back of the battery pack will illuminate. Turn on the red switch, followed by the black switch. Subsequently, you will observe the system running smoothly on the monitor.

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